Mach (26.8)

Michael heard it first as a whistle, but it fast became a voice. It was as if a voice was holding one note of a song, increasing in volume and projection as moments went by. Michael looked over at Rick’s pyramid. Atop it, he saw Lily seemingly floating in the air.


Mach (26.7)

“They’re almost here!” Michael yelled, over Rachel’s own yells. “Keep fighting, guys! We’ll be okay!”

Mach (26.5)

“Let them go!” his voice boomed, with a heavy accent, and a fist the size of a small house started pushing against the wind in their direction. Michael was stumped but Max ran past him and, without the slightest hesitation, leaped over Tafari’s shield and straight for it.

Mach (26.3)

They were grouping up under the pretense of the barrage and Displacer strategy. The real attack would be a rush with overwhelming numbers. Michael went through the wormhole and came out the other side at top speed, utterly losing his footing the very moment he left it.