The Rising Superpower (16.10)

The war ended with the Supreme Leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea reading a confession. Griffin stood by him as he, fat and cowed, admitted to all the lies, and all the truths.


The Rising Superpower (16.9)

It was hard to tell, but to Michael, the powers of the Chinese and Koreans seemed to consist of a lot of animal morphers plus someone who could secrete some kind of acidic substance. Plus, a girl who seemed to fly around in a cloud.

The Story so Far…

Be aware that by reading this document, you are forfeiting the ability to enjoy the full reading experience that I have crafted. This is a spoiler manifesto that I wrote for those who simply dislike the idea of having to catch up, or maybe want to have a quick look and see if the plot is interesting. Use the quick links to instantly access the story at the point where it sounds interesting to you. This page will be updated every week so that it always matches the ongoing story.